National Institute of Technical Teachers Training and Research Bhopal

Apart from polytechnics and engineering colleges, other market segments like professional institutions, industry, public service organisations, vocational education and community at large, needs bigger support now for human resources development. NITTTR, Bhopal which was established with 3 othrer Regional Institutes became a major resource institution and a centre of excellence for the overall growth and expansion of technical education system of the country and has larger responsibility to contribute to a wide ranging diverse labour market.

Based on the recommendations of the different Review Committees appointed by the MHRD, Government of India, the Institute has been up-graded and renamed as the “National Institute of Technical Teachers’ Training and Research (NITTTR)”, Bhopal. This has brought about substantial changes in the mandate of the institute enabling it to cross the regional boundaries and function as a resource institution at National and International levels for entire gamut of Technical Education Sector.

Over the years, the nature of activities of the NITTTR Bhopal have expanded far beyond the “teacher development” concept and undergone a major role-shift to cater to the changing labour market vis-à-vis the changing needs of Technical Education System. There has been a substantial change in the mandate enabling the institute to cross the regional boundaries and function as a resource institution at National and International levels for entire gamut of technical education sector.

NITTTR Bhopal Extension Centre at Pune

The NITTTR Extension Centres were established to fulfill the following objectives:

  • To liaise with the state officials concerned with Technical (& Vocational) Education Systems, Commerce and Industry.
  • To establish close functional relationship with the Principals and faculty members of Engineering. Colleges, Polytechnics and Vocational Institutes.
  • To undertake HRD activities for the personnel of the technical institutions to work as change agents.
  • To encourage and Assist autonomous institutes to become Centres of Excellence.
  • To establish and nurture partnership with Industries for mutual benefits
  • To supplement the innovative thrusts, educational reforms, programmes and projects initiated by the parent institute (NITTTR) to the best advantages of the client states.

NITTTR Bhopal will act as a centre of excellence to: Intensify teacher education for improving quality and performance of technical institutions. Make the technical education a vibrant learning system for producing competent manpower to steer technological and economic development. Provide a wide spectrum of client driven services and products through various modes. Strengthen networking and synergic partnership with technical institutions; industries, field agencies, and premier national and international organizations.

Departments in NITTTR Bhopal


Amongst a large variety of long and short term programs, Doctoral Program (Ph.D.) is being offered by NITTTR, Bhopal under the faculty of Technical Education of Barkatullah University (BU), Bhopal. The Professionals working in Technical Institutions, Principals, Personnel of Directorate of Technical Education, Board of Technical Examinations and other Educational Planners, Managers having master’s degree (55% marks in aggregate) in relevant discipline and willing to undertake researches in the field of technical education are eligible to register for this program. Interested Personnel working in industry and field agency are also encouraged to pursue this program. The guidelines for this program have been provided in the ordinance no. 14 (Under Revision) of Burkatullah University (BU), Bhopal.

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NITTTR  Bhopal Contact Details

National Institute of Technical Teachers' Training & Research,
Shamla Hills, Bhopal - 462 002 (M.P.) , India
Tel. 91(0755)2661600-602,607-608  
Fax : 2661996 

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